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A Quick Update

Hey everyone. I just wanted people to know that I am still out here. I’ve been a little busy, so I haven’t been able to make my first real post as quickly as I had planned to. I have been working on it though. I just signed the blog up for a twitter account. If you want to keep up to date on what is going on with the blog and get updates I find about the gay community, then you’ll want to follow me on twitter.


Twitter: queerpolitical


I can’t wait to get the discussion going.

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I actually hate the word ‘queer,’ but it sounds much better than ‘The Political Homosexual’, or ‘The Political Gay Guy.’

I originally started out as the “Conservative Queer,” but I quickly realized the stigma wasn’t a positive one and the name of the blog limited the topics I could cover. The Conservative Queer blog never got the traction I had hoped for. A lot of gay people dismissed me as aloof and out of touch with the gay community. “True” conservatives dismissed me as a gay guy disguised as a conservative who was really a democrat.

The other problem I ran into with the Conservative Queer blog was the limited content I could present. Under the conservative umbrella, I would have to present everything I wrote about with a conservative edge. While I still consider myself to be quite conservative, especially when compared to my fellow LGBT friends, all my views are not aligned with the current mainstream Republican or Libertarian platforms. To be quite honest, I have views from all over the political spectrum and I’d like to write about all of them.

So, with rebranding myself as the Political Queer, I don’t feel limited to what I can say. I don’t feel limited to what I can write about. I can speak my
mind without the feeling of having to be loyal to any specific political party. All that’s important is that I’m queer and I love politics.

If you also enjoy politics and would like to see how I feel about various current events, them join me on this journey. I’ll write what I feel about anything and everything, uncensored. I invite everyone to do the same in the comments. Lets have a civilized discussion about things that impact us on a daily basis.

You can join the discussion on here, on twitter or on Facebook. So lets band together and have respectful fun in the process.

I also have a blog that is about various topics. It’s a bit more personal and will cover other topics than politics. I’m currently writing about my latest solo adventures I took in March of this year. I cruised to the Caribbean and spent some time in Singapore and Malaysia. If you’re interested in my journey, check out Zen Mind, Zei’s Mind (