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Kaitlyn Hunt is Back in the Spotlight After Rearrest


The now 19-year-old high school senior that had the gay community rallying around her after she was arrested for allegedly having sex with an underage female is back in the headlines today. Kaitlyn Hunt was released on bond a few months ago when her case hit the national stage and there was a major outcry about some perceived injustice her case presented. When Hunt was released from police custody, she was given certain restrictions that are typical of a defendant being prosecuted for a crime against another individual. Don’t contact the victim.

It seems as though Ms. Hunt and her mother could not abide by these guidelines and Kaitlyn now stands accused of not only contacting her underage victim, but she sent sexually explicit photos of herself to the young female. She will remain in jail until she will be sent before a judge, where the judge will determine whether she deserves to be freed again.

It seems the media isn’t being as biased towards her this time around and they just presented the facts of her rearrest instead of crying for yet another injustice against a gay person.

Will Kaitlyn Hunt yet again attempt to use the ignorance card and say she didn’t know its illegal to send sexually explicit photos to a minor? Will she say she had no idea she wasn’t allowed to meet with her victim? Will the gay community discontinue their support for this woman? Support she never should have been given in the first place, might I add.


It’s clear Kaitlyn Hunt has not learned her lesson from being arrested the first time. She continues to contact the minor and has now allegedly sent sexually explicit photos to someone that is under 18. The judge on Friday needs to do one of two things – 1. Revoke her bond or 2. Raise the bond. If there is evidence to support Hunt sent inappropriate photos to a minor, she ought to be charged with that crime as well.

I just hope the gay community distances themselves from Kaitlyn Hunt as they should have done in the first place.

For my original post about Kaitlyn Hunt, you can click here. 


3 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Hunt is Back in the Spotlight After Rearrest

  1. I can tell you that as an African-American, we have sometimes hitched our wagon to some unsavory people in the name of ‘the struggle’ (i.e. OJ, Marion Barry). In the end, it only hurt our credibility in the overall struggle for justice and equality. Gay community, beware. Run from this girl and her family. Run as fast as you can. Her actions reinforce all the negative stereotypes about gay people, stereotypes like sexual perversion, lack of sexual boundaries, and pedophilia. I get that the plight of the gay teen is something that is real close to your heart. And this girl’s parents is taking full advantage of that knowledge. But if we didn’t know Kate’s gender and sexual orientation, the actions in the last 5 months alone profiles a sexual predator with stalker tendencies. Again, this is not someone you want to hitch your wagon to.

    1. You hit the nail on the head here. I agree with everything you said here. I actually frequent another blog where the blogger has some of the same sentiments that you and I have. She too is an African-American. She actually mentioned how the African-American community has supported individuals that would ultimately work against their fight for equality.

      One of the major (and misguided) arguments against gay equality is the argument that gay men are sexual predators. As you said, this just reinforces that stigma. We have to shake supporting people such as Kaitlyn Hunt so people won’t buy into the ignorance that we’re sex offenders.

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