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The Boy Scouts Fall Out


The Boy Scouts of America is about teamwork,┬ácamaraderie, teamwork, loyalty, hard work and being gay. At least that’s what the Southern Baptist Convention would like you to believe. The Boy Scouts of America recently boted to repeal an age-old ban on gay members. The Southern Baptists are angry. They fear the gay community is going to invade the organization and infect the minds of their little boys. The Southern Baptist convention is set to convene in Houston on June 11 and 12, where they are expected to overwhelmingly pass a non-binding initiative encouraging their congregations to end their support of the Boy Scouts. They claim its the only solution to resolve the issue of the Boy Scouts of America contradicting the church’s morals and teachings.

The Catholic archbishop to the United States has gone on the record to say the repeal of the ban does not contradict the teachings of their church, but they will allow each bishop decided what is best for their congregations. Some Catholic dioceses have chosen to drop their support for the boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts is not without support though. They have actually found support in the unlikeliest of places. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, one of the most anti-gay denominations in Christianity and one of the biggest supporters of the Boy Scouts of America supported the Boy Scout’s repeal. Other organizations that support the Boy Scouts are┬áThe National Jewish Committee on Scouting, the United Church of Christ, the Episcopal Church and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Southern Baptists are no strangers to calling for boycotts. They called for a nationwide boycott of the Disney Corporation in the 90s due to their support of the LGBT community.

By repealing the ban on gay people in the scouts, the Boy Scouts are not stating they condone the acts of being gay. They are making a statement that any boy can be a member of their organization regardless of sexual orientation. Sexual orientation should not come into play in the Boy Scouts. It’s not as though the Boy Scouts are now going to have gay orgy camping trips, or teach a lesson on how to take it up the ass. By accepting gay people as members, the Boy Scouts is making the issue of being gay a non-issue, as it should be. Sexuality and sex has no place in the Boy Scouts regardless of whether a member is gay, straight, bisexual, questioning or whatever sexuality you want to apply here.

Southern Baptists are attempting to take a “high moral road” by renouncing their support of the Boy Scouts, but in reality they are doing something that is not Biblically-based. A core belief in Christianity is to model yourself after Jesus. Anyone with the simplest knowledge about the Bible knows that Jesus surrounded himself with everyone. He walked with sinners, he talked with sinners and he sat down and ate with them. Southern Baptists are making it clear that they will not support an organization that simply says any boy is welcome into their group. If Southern Baptists want to work against the Bible and harm their own causes in the process, I say more power to them.

The Boy Scouts are better off without the support of Southern Baptists. The teachings of the Southern Baptists contradict the core beliefs of the Boy Scouts. The falling out between the Boy Scouts and the Southern Baptist convention will broaden the horizons for the Boy Scouts while the Southern Baptists spiral downward into insignificance. Southern Baptists will continue to spread and endorse discrimination and hatred towards homosexuality. They will continue harboring and supporting anti-gay bullying while the Boy Scouts become stronger while providing exceptional service to their communities and helping to shape morally upstanding boys.